Property Dispute Litigation

Land is one of the most valuable assets owned or used by individuals or businesses. Our houses are built on it, farms depend on it for their very sustenance and businesses require it for their physical operations.  As with all precious resources, competition arises and disputes ensue for the ownership or use of land. Disputes arise over the following issues:

  • title (ownership) of land
  • adverse possession (squatters’ rights claims) 
  • rights-of-way and other easements 
  • boundary declarations 
  • leases 
  • misrepresentation of facts at the sale of property 
  • nuisance (water drainage and other “escape” issues) 
  • trespass, including misappropriated timber and resource issues 

Property dispute claims can be very complicated and technical in nature. Those involved in such cases should ensure that they retain experienced counsel. At Patterson Law, our property dispute litigation lawyers have experience in this area of the law and constantly continue their education to provide their clients with the most up-to-date representation available.