Long established as “The Main Street of the South Shore,” Bridgewater is the primary commercial and professional service centre in the southern half of Nova Scotia. Situated in the heart of the LaHave River Valley, Bridgewater is a thriving town of 8,700 people. The community boasts a diverse local economy and offers events and organizations for people of all ages. Amenities range from traditional services and shopping, to craft breweries and unique restaurant experiences, parks, recreation and sporting facilities and important heritage, art, and culture institutions. Bridgewater is 15 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and just an hour outside of Halifax. text text

Parks, Recreation and Culture

Bridgewater boasts a number beautiful recreation and leisure parks, playgrounds and greenways. There are beautiful wooded parks and trails for those who love spending leisure time outdoors, walking or hiking. There are also numerous “mini-parks” located along the riverbanks and in the downtown core of Bridgewater, including King Street Court with its gazebo and amphitheatre offering summertime entertainment and a view of the LaHave River and fountain.

Business Community


Bridgewater is served by the South Shore Regional Hospital, an 84-bed acute care health facility, which serves a population base of approximately 60,000. It is located on the East Side of the LaHave River in a park-like setting and is within a stone’s throw of the Medical Arts Building, which houses a number of physicians’ private practices.


General Bridgewater Information